Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day Before

As what was expected basically 21Jan09 was spent in meeting with the different doctors who will be part of the team either in preparation stage or actual procedure itself. The usual mode of the meeting is that the doctor specialist explains to you his or her part and why his/her particular services is needed and this is normally followed by a question and answer portion. I learned today quite a volume of medical terms, details and information that I feel I need more time to digest before the facts to sink in. I guess this is now the norm in medicine keeping the patient well informed.

Again, my Team of doctors is composed of Dr. Rodelio De Sagun – Cardiologist and attending physician, Dr.Wilson Tan de Guzman - Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Lansang – Endocrinologist, Dra. Roasa - Nephrologists and Dra.Jamora – Anaesthesiologist.

Although the above seems a busy day for me, it was quite the contrary as I found myself doing nothing and finding ways and means to fill up my time to avoid getting bored. Just imagine laying in bed with IV in your arms which restrict you to your mobility. By 3pm my back was already aching that I wanted to walk around on to be frustrated.

I have to be thankful of my weRoam broadband wireless connection otherwise I would not have any internet connection. So mostly I spent my time surfing the web and reading emails with TV programs every now and then. With what my day was today, the more now I am determined to overcome my medical condition as I just could not imagine a life of immobility. I need to RUN , RACE WALK and PLAY GOLF!!!!!!

What was nice of today were the phone calls (voip) from my daughter Dawn which were a number of times and were like fillers on the gaps of events today giving me the opportunity to consult her professional opinion being a doctor herself at Riverside California.

Schedule for tonight, no more solid intake from midnight onwards and by 5am I should have that shave down under followed by mild sedation. The Coronary Angiogram procedure is set between 7-9am tomorrow 22Jan09. I will now try to get some sleep (hopefully) to be able to be ready and strong by early morning. Will keep you posted!!!!


  1. me and the whole team bald runner are praying for your safe procedure..see you soon at the ultra.

  2. Tanksyou BR. I assume by now you already know that I has 3 STENTS implanted in my arteries. I will be out of the hospital by Moday 26Jan09 and hopefully will be bak slowly to my normal routine frm then on.