Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Get It Over With - Coronary Angiogram

20Jan09 Ultra Pasig – My intention today was to tire myself so that when I do check-in at the hospital I would have reduced if not eliminated the anxiety of a coronary angiogram procedure.

I arrived Ultra Oval at my usual time of 5am and surprisingly Coach Salazar was already in one dark corner of the track. After two laps he joined me and asked if I would like certain pointers with respect to race walking, which of course I did say yes. For today we concentrated on the STEP SIT STYLE as against the DRAGGING STYLE of Race Walking. After a short demonstration and explanation of the benefits of the Step Sit Style, we proceeded for actual race walk gradually picking up speed as I have gotten the rhythm of the style. After 5Km Coach Salazar dropped off to conduct his coaching with other walkers while I proceeded on my own.

My intention was to complete 20km, however, I misread the reading from my Polar RS200sd (as I was not wearing any glasses) and started to cool down at 18.3km thinking it was already 20.3km. I promised myself to bring my reading glasses next time.

As I was doing my cool down lap, I was approached by Major Espejo who offered to assist me on stretching techniques before ending for the day. To the my great surprise and enjoyment not only did I have a great stretching but Major Espejo was so kind to apply even some massage and physical therapy right in the full view of all while I lay down at lane no.8 in direct contact of the oval tartan. Wow, what a great feeling after a long walk. Thank you Major Espejo.

Deep in my mind I still cannot comprehend how a person like me without feeling any chest pain, who can run/walk for 80+km/week will need a coronary angiogram procedure. This is all because I had a negative and abnormal result from a thallium Stress Test last November which was of this year integrated with my yearly physical examination. Such doubts can only be verified by a coronary angiogram procedure as recommended by my doctor. Anyways, let’s get it over with!!! Will keep you all posted. Prayers please….


  1. hi dad! im sure you'll do well...before you know it, finish na yan. we(me and your avid readers/fans hehe) have all been praying for you. just keep blogging to pass time so you wont get bored ;-). loveyah! talk to you later!