Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Training Plan - LA Marathon

On 13Jan09 I received by email my Training Plan in preparation for the LA Marathon (Race Walker Division) scheduled for May 25, 2009 as prepared by Major Ferdinand Espejo

The Training Plan is comprehensive and detailed that I wish to share to all for possible reference should they be planning to do a full marathon (run instead of walk for your purpose). It covers a period of 18 weeks of training with the 1st week logging a mileage of 77K and eventually by the 18th week just before the marathon day you should have logged 1602 kilometers! It covers at what intensity to run for each mileage as required for the specific day and relays with interval of recovery period and FARTLEK method hard and easy runs. I have converted the Training Plan which was in XL Matrix to Jpeg so that I will be able to post it here which I hope will do justice although it may not be that clear it will give the readers and overview of the TP.

To Major Espejo thank you for the TP. I guess it is all up to me to follow what is written.


  1. Hello again Amado,

    I'm sorry to veer away from the topic- Just a reminder for our Jan. 17 get together, kindly tell Hermie to bring 3 gifts for our "grab a gift" game in lieu of exhanging gifts. These could be any duplicate gift you have or anything in your house that you have no need of. They should be unwrapped (so everyone can choose what they want).

    Thanks & see you:)