Thursday, January 22, 2009

God is Good! All The Time!

22Jan09 0500 hrs- I was awaken by the duty nurse for my pre-procedure medication. I was thankful that I had a generally a restful night before thanks to sedative tablets given to me. Against the advice of the nurses, I stood up with IV fluid stand dragging the same to the toilet for a much needed toothbrush, sponge bath and facial shave. I better do all my hygiene with all those doctors and nurses to attend to me today that I wish to be clean and smell good.

At 7am the hospital attendants about four big guys was ready to fetch me, but first they have to check if I had a proper shave down under. Upon inspection, the shave wish I did yesterday on my own did not pass their standard so they have to redo matters. All along I though a female nurse will do the honour, but, it were these four burly bouncer look alike attendants, beggar can’t be choosers as they say. An hour after I was already wheeled to the CAT Lab of the hospital where the procedure was to de done which was followed so many final preparation and sedation that I could not fully remember as I was feeling floating in air although am awake.The angiogram was started at about 8:30 with my right groin numbed by a local anaesthesia that was injected. Then the doctor placed a SHEATH which was inserted in the groin followed by a GUIDE WIRE push through inside the SHEATH travelling all the way to the coronary artery to the surface of the heart. At this stage a contrasting DYE was injected through the main artery at the same time CT scan was taken to determine if there is a blockage, if there is a blockage, how many, where are the location and the gravity of the blockage. Prior to the operation, the doctor advised me that anything over that 70% will require a definite intervention.

Then we were faced by reality, I will require CORONARY ANGIOPLASTY on three (3) locations (1) Left Anterior Descending Artery (2) Left Circumflex Artery (3) Right Coronary Artery. As agreed prior the procedure, we have to go ahead with ANGIOPLASTY WITH STENTING upon evaluation. Difficult as it was to accept, we are still thankful to God that a Coronary Bay-Pass was not necessary. By 10:30 am the intervention procedure was already completed and I was transferred to the recovery area. I found the procedure without much pain only to find out that the post-procedure is what was difficult. From 10:30 to 3:30 I was asked not to move and just lay down straight without moving. What a difficult task to do, good I was able to ask for my iPod. At 3:30pm the procedure to remove the STEATH was done. This is the most painful stage as the doctors did manual pressing in my groin to the maximum for about 40 minutes to ensure that blood does not squirt. This exercise allowed blood clot to close the wound by itself then this is followed by placing sand bag in your groin.

At 5pm I was returned to my room, again with instruction not to move my right leg and I am still connected to a catheter for urination and IV fluid. Hopefully by tomorrow things will be on the brighter side.

I wish to end this blog to thank all of you out there who have offered prayers for my safety and recovery. THANK YOU. May these simple words justify the real meaning of sincere appreciation of no word I can find justification. GOD IS GOOD........ ALL THE TIME!!!!!

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